Monday, 22 December 2014


Last weekend was packed to the fullest and I hardly got any sleep but who cares?! That’s the typical December in Lagos! My Friday started at Silverbird Galleria, with the premiere of one of the highly anticipated Nigerian movies from one of the most capable, not to mention successful, hands in the business; Emem Isong! The movie


 Which was shot in South Africa and the United states and just happens to be

E  M  E  M   I  S  O  N  G’s

directorial debut and she was assisted by one of my favorite people who just happens to be her sister

U D U A K    O G U A M A N A M!

The premiere started around 7pm and in no time, the stars arrived and did the rounds- pictures, interviews, selfies and what not. I don’t get Star struck because I see most of these guys quite often but when they are in their element, it’s always fun to watch! However, there were two people who had everyone in awe-

M A J I D   M I C H E L & D E S M O N D  O L U S O L A   E L L I O T!

You have to add the “Olusola” these days to avoid misunderstanding o!  Everyone wanted a piece of Majid and  Desmond and the reason is simple- they are so charming and lovable! And I have to say that they obliged everyone, took  every single selfie and I do mean every last one, posed and did pretty much what we asked and they did not give off any airs. (can’t say the same for some other actors sha o)

The film stars Nollywood’s favorite bad boy- Alex Ekubo, Majid Michel, South African actress Rosemary Zimu, Tana Adelana, Susan Peters  and Charles Novia even did a cameo! Yep, you read that right. I almost couldn’t believe it but there he was on the screen.

 It was a very good group of people and the story was very interesting. Alex was such a bad boy in this one and Majid made me almost wish it was me he was toasting! The writers gave him the sexiest lines

A N T H O N Y    K E H I N D E   J O S E P H  AND   U D U A K wrote the script so I wasn’t surprised! These two are the most camera shy people I know and as such, I have no pictures of them, sadly.  

 We all filed into the cinema and after Funky Mallam made all the necessary introductions, the film was underway. Trust Nigerians and their outbursts in the cinema, they did all the “Ah ahn” and “na lie” and all the rest which made it more fun for me. Congratulations to Royal Art Academy for another successful production and for hosting a fun premiere!

Here are a few pictures from the night before I had to scram to the night vigil concert that turned out to be Rhythm Unplugged!  That is a whole other post all together.

Emem Isong
Majid Michel


There is no such thing as "too much Majid"
Desmond Olusola Elliot - always a fun time when he shows up

Alex Ekubo
Bow tie, always a winner!

The detail on Alex's shoes - metal, embellishment, really cool!

Tana Adelana

Rita C. Onwurah

Queen Nwokoye
Funky Mallam

Daniel Lloyd

Ifeanyi Kalu

Valerie Okeke

Valerie and Ifeanyi
Ivie Okujaye

Belinda Effah

Kenneth Okoli

Kenneth gave us the two toned! so classic


I love this woman because she looked awesome and she loves getting her picture taken!
Morris K Sesay

I don't know how she did it!
Morris K Sesay, Desmond Olusola Elliot, Dr. Chidi Oguamanam
Thanks for reading! 


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